Smart Business Festival CZ 2021 

Let you get inspired who and how can help you to successfully manage the digital transformation of your company or organisation!!


Smart Business Festival CZ offers an annual overview of good practices and cooperation offers for small and medium-sized companies (and not only to them). This year we will focus on the examples of successful digital transformation of the European economy and society using digital innovations.

We are preparing the project with these partners:

Program and Focus

Smart Business Festival CZ is an information, presentation, contact, and networking event. It focuses on promoting unusual and innovative projects, tools, and technologies to streamline business and develop the digital economy and society.

As a part of this year's program, we will take a closer look at the Czech government's plans to support smart business and the development of smart cities and regions using digital innovations, we will bring new experiences and good practices from Europe and introduce current activities and projects of Czech and foreign digital innovation hubs focused on supporting digital transformation of both the private and public sectors.

The most interesting news in the field of business

Meet new science and technology to help you improve your business

Strategic partnerships

Establish strategic partnerships and get other orders, projects, customers of your products and clients of your services. And even in collaboration with Digital Innovation Hubs!

Take good practice examples for your business

Draw up new insights, experience and learn about innovative practices and solutions that have proven successful abroad.

Sharing contacts

As a registered participant you will get other opportunities for business and project cooperation.

You can watch these speakers at the Smart Business Festival:  

Karel Havlíček

Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Czech Republic with gestion for state economy, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Dawid Solak

President of the Future Industry Platform Poland

Prof. Peter Staněk

Economist, Previewer and Visionary, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Maria Roca

I4MS Initiative Coordinator, FundingBox

Petr Očko

Deputy Minister for Technology Section 4.0, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Jiří Holoubek

Member of the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Czech Government, President of the Electric and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic and Member of the Board of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic with gestion for Industry 4.0 and SMEs

Gencho Kerezov

Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality for Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development, Innovative Sofia

Petr Pracna

National Contact Points for Horizon Europe Programme Network, Technology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Bohumil Kartous

Director of the Prague Innovation Institute

Friderike Kühl

Programme Coordinator, Smart Transportation Alliance

Jiří Janošec

Technology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Tereza Šamanová

CzechInno, Ambassador of the DIHNET.EU Project in the Czech Republic

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Focus of the Festival

Smart Business Festival CZ 2021 focuses:

mainly on presentation of services aimed to help the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies and public organizations using technological innovations and new approaches to resource management and implementation of processes in business and public sphere. The aim is to present at one spot:

    Offers of B2B cooperation in the field of digital innovations.

  • News about technologies, services and projects
  • Good practices and frequent mistakes
  • Offers of B2B cooperation in the field of digital innovations